Sports: the perfect business


Sports: the perfect business

What is an industry that receives free advertising every day in every newspaper in the country? Still thinking? Here is another clue: are there websites, radio shows, TV shows and cable channels dedicated to talking about them and their products? Give up? The answer is sport.

What an amazing industry. Every morning, Jerry Jones’ team writes articles about it. Free color photos on the first page promoting your brand. Radio programs only talk about your product for hours.

More than 30 million people practice fantastic sports. The average fantasy sports player spends around $ 110 a year on his fantasy teams, mainly for bragging rights. Some of us can remember in the 1990s when people played “grill leagues.” Today, ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sportsline and others have sophisticated online systems to manage leagues and provide you with information about the ranking of your team, players and league.

They make a fortune on these sites through advertising, knowing that they have a market for men between the ages of 18 and 50 who earn more than $ 50,000 a year and spend more than two hours a week playing these games. , to read ads and inform your friends about sports articles. Why are fantasy sports games so popular? Because we love sports and fantasy games feed love.

In 2004, CBS and Fox jointly spent $ 8 billion transmitting NFL games for six years. In 1999, CBS spent $ 6 billion on the broadcasting rights of the NCAA basketball tournament for 11 years. In 2006, Fox and TBS signed a combined $ 3 billion deal with MLB for the broadcast of some games a week and the postseason. In 2001, the NBA signed a six-year contract for $ 3.4 billion with Time Warner. Why spend billions of dollars to broadcast sporting events? Because we love sports, they earn money to fulfill that love.

You had the idea. Sport is part of our lives. We have an insatiable appetite for sport. We connect emotionally with players and teams. They are our models. Entire cities close when a league game is played or for the victory parade. Companies invest millions and billions of dollars in sports-related media because they can get a return on their investment.

Sports Marketing: Tiger Woods, James Lebron, Michael Jordan and many others are not only great talents, but also the flagship of carefully crafted marketing plans. These marketing plans are designed to raise your profile, create an interest in the fan base and expand this fan base. This doesn’t happen just because Tiger is a good guy. This happens because there are millions of dollars to win. Thousands of hours are devoted to these marketing plans: image creation, exact words, the appropriate message and adapted media.

Marketing 101: After reading the countless books on sales and marketing, we learned that the best way to sell a person is to take advantage of their emotions. The ability to create an emotional connection between the buyer and your product is priceless. Everyone remembers the advertising on the tires where the baby was sitting on the tire, laughing and looking cute. Do not buy radials with white walls, buy protection for your children. No price is too high for that.

For market research, all you have to do is go to eBay and see some publications.

The ideal company will take advantage of people’s emotions to eliminate the price of the equation as much as possible. The sport has achieved this goal. Anything related to sports will invoke passion in people. Too often, people’s ups and downs coincide with their favorite team. We leave the social commentary on this topic to other publications. For us entrepreneurs, understanding this emotional connection allows us to find opportunities to take advantage of these markets.

Winter sports: the ultimate challenge

Ice Hockey

Winter sports: the ultimate challenge

Winter sports refer to a sport practiced in snow or ice, but also include winter sports throughout the year, such as basketball. This is called winter sports because the sporting branch is practiced in winter and winter. Winter sports are more adventurous than other branches of the sport. Playing sports with ice and snow is linked to adrenaline. Here you can find winter sports and information about them.

Tobogganing is a popular winter sport. To do this, a sled is fundamentally necessary. There are amateur tobogganing activities, especially for children. On top of that, the sled is a professional sports branch. In some Olympic Games, sledding is an important sport. The sled became a winter sport only in the 19th century. The sled is used as a means of transportation in addition to being a sport. It is a sporting branch that requires special attention because injuries, accidents are possible sled from a slope.

Ice skating
Skate on the snow! Skating is 1 of the most fascinating winter games. The idea is very similar to ordinary skating. However, this time, the player skates on the ice. Using skates, if you find a suitable place for skating, try this sport.

Skiing is the most popular winter sport. It is such an extensive activity that skiing is part of winter tourism. In addition to being a professional sport, skiing is also an amateur activity. When skiers were skiing for the first time, the goal was not sport. They tried to go from one place to another. In short, it has been used as a means of transport. When everything was like that, the ski team was so simple. People used the tree as a ski. The ski has been greatly improved. The methods, the equipment, the types, everything has changed. There are many types of skiing. These change according to the team, the region, the form and purpose of the sport. Some types of skiing are Nordic skiing, military skiing and kiting, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing.

As sports technologies developed more and more, new branches of sport emerged. Snowboarding is one of them. It’s a new branch of winter sports. It only became popular after the second half of the twentieth century. Snowboarding is the combination of surfing, surfing and skiing. It’s a sporting branch that requires talent and work. The performer wears a specific shoe that is on the board. Snowboarding is played on snowy slopes.

Ice Hockey
Ice hockey is played on ice by two teams. It’s a team sport. Ice hockey can be played on an artificial ice rink. However, it is classified as a winter sport because it is better to play on the natural ice. The fundamental goal of ice hockey is to control the disc on the ice. The disc is played with sticks. Teams earn points when they send the disc to the goal zone. Six players play during the ice hockey game. A team has more than 20 players. Part lasts three periods of 15 or 20 minutes. Ice hockey is popular especially in the United States, Canada, Finland and the Czech Republic. It is popular in these countries because there were more appropriate areas in these countries. But ice hockey can now be played in any country because it is also possible to play on artificial ice.

Snow War
The snowball battle is generally classified as a game. However, the snowball battle is part of some sports organizations. It is very simple. Players launch snowballs. The goal is simply fun. Teams can play the snowball battle. Each team tries to hit the other.

Urban sports and extreme sports.


Urban sports and extreme sports.

Many young people and teenagers who live in cities in urban areas look for emotions when practicing different types of sports. These sports generally require minimal equipment and can be performed almost anywhere. As they are commonly seen in cities, these sports activities are called “urban sports.”

But don’t confuse urban sports with extreme sports. City activities are often safe when caution is required. Extreme sports are much more dangerous exercises. They involve public demonstrations of dangerous stunts. The very idea of ​​extreme activities is to push human limits. Of course, in exchange for all these emotions and emotions, some risk is needed.

If you are interested in playing sports, take a look at urban activities in your area. It can be street football, skateboarding, freestyle cycling or even basketball. While the sport takes place in the city, it is considered an urban sport. If you look closely, you will soon realize that there are some similarities between these activities.

First, you will need the right equipment and equipment to get started. These items are generally available at major sporting goods stores. Sports like ball games do not require you to have much equipment. All you need is a good pair of street shoes and sportswear and you’re ready to start.

Be sure to dress comfortably for the activity in which you have chosen to participate. Most urban games require lateral movement, which means that a pair of running shoes may not be the best solution. Major brands like Nike and Adidas now have street shoes that can be worn for casual outings or street sports.

Many benefits are associated with an urban sports activity. It is generally not necessary to travel to distant places to participate in this sport. Hang out with friends in the neighborhood and have a good time. A sport provides a form of regular exercise that can help improve your health and overall fitness.

As you feel stronger and improve in a sport, you may consider raising the bar a bit and participating in extreme sports. Here, protective equipment becomes much more important. Never attempt to hang without proper protective equipment, such as helmets, gloves, knee pads, etc.

The most common activities are mountain biking, skating, freestyle cycling and many more. There is no fixed definition for extreme sports. Young people invent new games every day. They are looking for new challenges and, as long as the activity provides an adrenaline rush, they will try it.

However, be careful: never try extreme activities without proper guidance and training. Most sports require some practice before you can master the tricks. Start with the basics if it is new and seek the advice of those who have done what you are about to do now.

Buying tips for men’s sports watches


Buying tips for men’s sports watches: three big brands to keep in mind

You can choose from a multitude of quality sports watches for men, capable of satisfying even the needs of the most demanding sports fans. A sports watch, as well as other essential equipment and equipment, is a necessary element that can complement your sports activity instead of being limited to your time.

Men’s sports watches offer many interesting features, covering a wide range of sports activities. First, and as all athletes know, a good sports watch should be strong enough to withstand extreme conditions, whether your favorite event is hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding or swimming.

In addition to quality considerations, it is important that you have a clear idea of ​​your own demands and requirements before you start looking at men’s sports watches. You need a watch that resists water and is probably scratched if you are a passionate swimmer, for example. A sweat-resistant watch that can measure heart rate, record turns and have a timer function is probably a necessary feature for a competitive endurance athlete. A clock with temperature, barometer, compass, flashlight and GPS system will also be in the alleys of climbers who embark on expeditions that can last several days or even a week.

With such a diversity of brands and models of individual watches, it can be difficult to decide what to buy, but if you have a clear idea of ​​your needs, you can make your choice much easier.

Timex, Casio and Garmin are three popular brands that offer high quality sports watches for men. Each offers something unique for the active athlete.

Timex is famous for its line of Ironman sports watches. It has a series of models that have been exceptionally popular over the years. The main features you can expect from an Iron man Timex watch are a 100-hour chronograph stopwatch with closing and division, a lap counter (usually 99 laps per session), a time-stamped session log with multi-lap storage (in some clocks), Indiglo lighting and night light (energy efficient lighting system patented by Timex), timers, timers, alarms, timing, dual time zone, travel reminder, etc.

Timex also offers a wide range of specialized sports watches that go beyond Iron man’s standard features, including GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring and many other advanced sports features. Timex watches are among the most intuitive sports watches to use and can usually be retrieved and used without the need for a manual.

The Casio brand is a well-known manufacturer of sports watches that offers a wide variety of sports watches for men that stand out not only for their characteristics, but also for their style and design. The only problem with Casio is that there are so many options. Casio watches always offer excellent value for money, but you may need to look for a moment to find one that meets your exact requirements. Casio watches are reputed to be rugged sports watches that will last for years, their G-shock range in particular is designed to withstand shock.

Garmin is the leading manufacturer of sports watches in the GPS-enabled sports watch market in the Forerunner range (with some non-GPS sports watches that use accelerometers). Currently, the best value for money is the Forerunner 305, an older GPS system, full of useful features.

Unlike the newer Forerunner models, the 405 and 405 CX, the Forerunner 305 includes navigation and navigation features, which include map navigation support, landmarks and routes. With a much larger screen size, the Forerunner 305 is a large clock but offers a maximum display with the ability to display four data fields at once.

It is advisable to take the time to investigate your options and determine which are the best sports watches for men that fit your goals. An excellent way to learn much more about the best watches in a short time is to visit the Amazon website because Amazon sells almost all sports watches on the market.

Winter sports versus summer sports

Winter Sports

Winter sports versus summer sports

Winter sports vs summer sports, who will win? As you know, the seasons require different types of sports for younger and older generations. It also depends on the state, the region and the country in which you live. Season and temperature require different types of sports. Let’s take a look at some sports that you can practice every season.

Winter sports:

Some classic winter sports are indoor swimming, gymnastics, basketball, ice hockey and indoor tennis. These sports can be practiced in any season, whether it’s cold or not. People enjoy indoor activities during the cold season because it helps them stay fit and fit throughout the year. Some people tend to exercise only in the summer, resulting in an unbalanced lifestyle and health. If you want to succeed in the areas of health, profession and sport, you must do winter sports.

Summer sports:

People mean more summer sports than winter sports, so what is true? In summer you have the opportunity to face many outdoor activities such as football, basketball, street hockey, beach activities, water sports, tennis, jogging, hiking, climbing, etc. There are probably as many possibilities in summer as in winter. The only difference is that humans tend to be lazy when it’s cold outside. Summer sports help us stay fit and enjoy sunny days during the hottest season. There are different types of activities you can do: single and multiplayer. Playing soccer, basketball and street hockey requires at least two players, even better. The pleasure and pleasure factor is many times greater if you play with your friends, family and other people you know. Playing sports alone is mainly boring and inappropriate. However, sports such as running and swimming can be practiced by one person and do not require a second person.

How do you know which winter and summer sports will be optimal for you? You simply have to try different activities to find the one that best suits your tastes and trends. However, if you spend time with people who are loved and want to get in shape, you probably will not pay attention to the practice of multiple sports at once. Each sport has a different purpose and involves different muscles. Going to the gym may be too partial, so you must be motivated to do at least 3 sports at a time.

The best brands of sports shoes today

Reebok Shoes

The best brands of sports shoes today

Today, sports shoes are not only worn at sporting events. There are people who like to wear their sneakers as casual shoes. That’s why we see so many types of sneakers on the market today.

Although many brands offer sports shoes, only branded sports shoes have the greatest appeal in the consumer market. There are so numerous decent brands of sports shoes offered in current time. These branded sports shoes are not only comfortable and comfortable, they also give you a style. Branded sports shoes can be expensive, but the price of this shoe is often worth it.

The most recognized brands of sports shoes.

Here is a list of the best brands of sports shoes:

Nike: This is an American sports brand. This brand has been recognized for its high quality. Known athletes from different countries use different types of Nike shoes. This adds to the appeal of Nike shoes.

Adidas – Adidas is another popular brand of German sports shoes. Founded in 1948, Adidas is also used by many athletes. The shoes are marked by three bands.

Reebok – Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas. This particular brand of Adidas has been launched in the UK and Europe. It is now a brand known worldwide.

Puma: This sports shoe company comes from a small shoe factory located in one of the German villages. Now he has conquered the world and people around the world are buying Puma shoes.

Converse: This shoe firm fashioned the1st basketball shoes. The most popular model of Converse is the Chuck Taylor All Star model, popular with basketball players from around the world. Chuck Taylor represents the Converse brand.

K-Swiss: This shoe establishment was originated by 2 Swiss brothers. They were inspired by their interest in tennis. This company introduced the first leather tennis shoes. K-Swiss shoes are comfortable and elegant.

Fila – Fila is a sport shoe in Italian fashion. This company was founded in 1926 in Italy. The company represents style and fashion in the sports industry.

New Balance: New Balance has offered tough competitions to sports shoe brands like Nike, Adidas. The company has left its mark by introducing technical innovations in the sports shoe industry. New Balance shoes are made with the latest technology. The company offers a wide range of sizes, heels and gel inserts.

Asics -Asics is a Japanese brand of sports shoes. This brand has become more popular for running shoes. Asics shoes are very effective. It allows the riders to give the best performance in a race competition.

Hi-Tec: Hi-Tech is another leading brand of sports shoes in the UK. This company is known for its high quality hiking shoes. The best thing about Hi-Tec is that your hiking shoes are affordable for people on a limited budget. The company offers comfortable shoes at reasonable prices.

Sports shoes are an important part of the footwear industry. With the increase of innovation and the use of technology, the current sneakers are of the best quality. They offer maximum comfort to the players and help them to give their best performances. You can also find particular shoes for private sports.

The 7 most popular water sports in Sri Lanka


The 7 most popular water sports in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for an exciting holiday in Sri Lanka, you should practice water sports in Sri Lanka. From the Arugam Bay surf shelter to diving on the reefs of the Hikkaduwa coast, you can rediscover the pleasure and excitement you’ll always appreciate.

Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for water sports with its beautiful beaches and waters. Some of the bays and reefs naturally provide the rips needed to surf and dive, while others are known for their navigation.

Although there are a lot of famous places to practice water sports in Sri Lanka, some have an advantage over others. Kalpitiya, Arugam Bay, Bentota, Weligama and Hikkaduwa are the most popular places to practice water sports. You can enjoy surfing in the bay of Arugam, diving in Hikkaduwa, water skiing in Bentota, kite surfing in Kalpitiya.

Here are the 7 best water sports and wild waters in Sri Lanka

  1. Diving and snorkeling

It is a wonderful and exciting sport that consists of swimming in the water, equipped with diving masks, swimming fins and snorkeling, which is a breathing tube that allows the diver to breathe easily down in the water The snorkeling will attract all ages, as it offers the opportunity to easily observe an interesting and exciting aquatic life without the complicated equipment and complex training that is required in other sports such as diving. Hikkaduwa, Weligama and Kirinda are famous places for snorkeling and diving.

  1. Surf

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in Sri Lanka among local and foreign tourists. High quality waves, warm water and friendly people will ensure an unforgettable stay. With a wide range of excellent surf sites on the east and southwest coasts, Sri Lanka has regular waves throughout the year and Arugam Bay, Weligama and Hikkaduwa are the most popular surf spots.

  1. water skiing

Unlike snorkeling, water skiing is a surface sport that involves pulling an athlete behind a boat while moving on the surface of the water. This sport requires the strength of the upper and lower body, endurance and balance. Water skiing is exciting and open to all ages persons. Negombo, Hikkaduwa, Aluthgama are the renowned earth for water skiing.

  1. jet ski

The sport consists of navigating the water using a motor boat that can make incredible turns and speeds. Amazing! It’s not like that? Imagine you are accelerating in the water! The other aspect of this sport is that it can accommodate two or more people. This is satisfactory for honeymooners or vacationers who like to sail in the water enjoying the sensation of speed and breeze. Bentota and Passikudah are the famous places for water skiing.

  1. kayak

It is also called white water kayaking. Kayak consists of paddling a kayak, which is a small boat driven by one or more occupants who use a double paddle paddle while sitting in a moving body of water. Water movement can be slow, demanding or extreme, which makes the sport very fun. Bentota and Weligama are famous places to practice kayaking.

  1. Banana and tube tower

It is a sport that you cannot miss. The boat and the banana tube involves climbing in a tube or banana like a boat, usually in six, and traveling at full speed on the water. As there is little room to wait, pleasure comes from trying not to fall off the boat. The beauty of this sport lies in the fact that the participants wear life jackets. Even if they fall, we take them and the sport continues. Bentota is the greatest dwelling for banana and tube.

  1. Whitewater rafting

One of the most attractive water sports activities in the world, rafting is very popular in Sri Lanka. It does not require any specific skill or fitness level. However, this is a very stimulating activity that suits people with an adventurous spirit and a positive attitude. Kitulgala is the greatest place of rafting in Sri Lanka.

The sports nation

Sports Nation

The sports nation

At present, it is very difficult to find a country that does not have a strong focus on developing a sporting nation. In addition to the most disadvantaged countries, most countries now have some form of initiative or structured programs that lead them to become one. But what is a sports nation? What are the different countries doing to aspire to reach this state? Does national policy want sport to play a leading role in societies? These are some of the questions we will explore as we discover the nature of a sporting nation.

All budding sports countries have a hidden agenda these days: developing a healthier nation. Healthy people need less care costs as they age and develop Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is an indirect way to address the demographic challenges of increasing life expectancy and the rising cost of medical care. In countries considered as welfare states, such as Australia, Britain, France and Canada, the cost of health care for citizens is mainly borne by government coffers. This could weigh heavily on countries’ resources as the cost of medical care has exploded or will continue to skyrocket over time. Since 1965, the cost of medical care has exploded exponentially.

Another characteristic explaining why Sports Nations needs to grow more and more is the search for greater publicity and the creation of positive images. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China was the first to win the Games gold medal. It marks the rise and return of China to the top of the world order. As a sports nation, China has created a sustainable and sustainable image and advertising. This type of positive image obtained has eliminated the effects in other countries of the world. Because of this image created by Sports Nation, people suddenly see a lot of things about China. For example, sports training systems are now becoming the favorites of the world. Your equipment and sports products suddenly become more expensive. Chinese sports heroes have become models. In short, the country receives an injection in the arm and the general health of the country has improved. Sports Nations has a way to promote and excite people around the world, and it’s good to have it.

Sports Nations not only improves its image and reduces health care costs, but also generates revenue for the country. As the world moves more and more towards the world of sport, countries that are becoming sports nations are becoming the destination of many games, sports conferences, sports exhibitions, training tours and international camps, including destinations. investment. for companies that produce sports goods and services. Just think of stadium construction in South Africa for the World Cup football. How many billions of dollars are invested and how many more billions will flow during this type of event? With the kind of money generated, it is not surprising that countries all over the world are doing everything in their power to become sports nations and thus avoid the caring of features which only Sports States have.

Sports nations are desirable destinations and places of life for the prosperity of the people. Over time, they reduce the cost of medical care, strengthen the country’s brand, generate income and enable people to enjoy a high standard of living. These are all very positive motivations for countries to strive to become one. In the long run, this will happen, but getting there may not be so easy, as there are many challenges for nations to become sporting nations.

Jimmy Tong has been a bodily instructor for 13th yrs in Singapore. He is a graduate in sports science and physical education from Lough Borough University in the United Kingdom. He has extensive experience coaching football, soccer and rugby teams in Singapore schools. He is currently a Sport Development Officer in Singapore Schools and is an active contributor to sports coaching materials aimed at improving athletic performance of athletes. He hopes to enable people to succeed by inspiring inspiring and inspiring sports stories.

Sports tourism – What is it?

Sports Tourism

Sports tourism – What is it?

Are you new in the term sports tourism? Until recently, I didn’t know anything about it. But sports tourism has existed for centuries, in fact, since the beginning of the first sporting event, the Olympic Games! Yes, it is true, sports tourism is nothing more than an elegant name given to the whole process of moving to different places to watch live sports events. Now we all know that the ancient Greeks from across the country gathered in Athens to watch the Olympic Games, right?


So what is the modern definition of sports tourism? It is essentially active or passive sports forms or activities that will take the traveler away from home to the destination where the sporting event takes place. One of the best examples of sports tourism is in neighboring Canada.

The community of Prince George, Canada, is driving sports tourism to a whole new level. Everyone who shares a passion for a particular sport ensures a smooth ride and an unparalleled sports experience. In fact, the wide variety of free services offered is enough for you to travel to Prince George.

For the traveler and the organizer.

If you belong to a corporate organization that would like to organize a sporting event, Prince George could become your destination. It is only because the facilities offered by Prince George are some of the best in the world. The first class accommodation is no more than ten minutes from a stadium or sports stadium and the best thing is that the international airport is about eleven kilometers from the heart of the city!

There are also a number of sports clubs in Prince George that take the sport very seriously and, if you are looking for a good game, a friendly match between visiting athletes and locals is essential! The Prince George community loves the sport very much and does everything in its power to encourage and develop it.

But the best thing about Prince George is that it is a small city, but it offers all the comforts of a big city. Wait, it’s even better! The costs are much more reasonable than the big cities and the help you need; To organize a sporting event is available at your fingertips.

In addition to this, there are special menus for athletes and organizers available, which meet the needs of both parties. Finally, Prince George works closely with national and provincial sports organizations in Canada to make his stay memorable. Prince George is just a city that offers sports tourism facilities, there are many more. Connect to to discover them all!

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunity

Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry

The sports industry has developed into a multimillion dollar initiative in present times. Masses of people all over the world are loving sports one method or another, either as viewer, an supporter, or a sport event contributor. The level of sustenance that persons show for sports goes from the least, localized public level to the global level. For example, dissimilar local schools in a convinced country could associate through each other for the aim of athletic rivalries. This native association might, as a entire, associate by another association of their sympathetic on the nationwide level. This national level association may again go into association with other national level association, and this creates an international athletic association. Native and nationwide sports associations are frequently maintained by their particular local or national management, while international associations are sustained either by funds from member associations, private assistances, or revenues from sports events.

This complex hierarchy in the sports industry brought about by its growth over the past years has opened new opportunities for specialization in sports based careers. Opportunities range from professional athletes, professional sports teams, sports journalism, recreation and fitness, boxing and wrestling, racing, wholesaling and retailing, sports business and administration, coaching and education, sports officiating, sports medicine, and the latest in the line is a sports web job.

Professional athletes usually begin their sports careers as a varsity player during their university years. As an incentive to their varsity players, universities often offer full or part-time scholarships. These incentives go a long way towards the development of a good, professional athletes. Some may also enter the field as an amateur and go towards being a professional athlete by intensive training. The most promising career as a professional athlete is usually in baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and boxer. These sports command a huge following and a single event generates enough revenues both for the athletes professional fees as well as profits for the events commercial sponsors.

For professional athletes to be successful in their careers, they also need the services of professional managers. In team sports, for example, the team’s general manager is usually responsible for the day-to-day activities of the team as a whole. The general manager may be responsible for the publicity, press, and marketing of the team. It is also the responsibility of the general manager to help develop a team that is both popular and regularly draws fans to all of its events.

Training and motivation is an important facet of an athlete’s life. This aspect is the role of a professional coach to take. Coaches working with professional athletes is in charge of developing strategies and game tactics. It is the coach’ duty to analyze problems with the way a team plays as well devise potential solutions to the problem. It is also the coach, in coordination with the manager, who schedules the teams game practice sessions.

There are other career opportunities in the sports industry aside from those mentioned above. Careers are available in sports journalism, sports medicine, and sports web job. The sports industry is growing at a steady rate and it is logical to expect that different professions in relation to sports industry will also grow.