It is not a Ferrari for nothing

It is not a Ferrari for nothing

The classic look of Ferrari is the red color of the race (Rosso Corsa) along with the striking black thirteen on a canary yellow background topped by the Italian flag. Hues were the substance of extravagance with regards to extravagance autos. But what is Ferrari and how did it become popular?

Ferrari began in 1929 with the founding of the Scuderia Ferrari by the Italian Enzo Ferrari. He not only built the company for the sale of luxury sports cars for the road, but also as a sponsor for the Modena-based amateur motorists and enthusiasts. The founder successfully drove on motorists in Alfa Romeos for a while until he learned of Alfa Romeo’s intention to buy Scuderia.

This forced Enzo, inevitably continue alone with Scuderia Ferrari. What made this great man start with the huge Ferrari sports car empire? It was a consequence of the need to finance Scuderia that in 1947 he reluctantly sold the very first Ferrari, the 125S.

But the strength that made Ferrari was not just a picture of luxury and prestige because Enzo did not even want to sell his racers. What gave Ferrari its niche market was the beautiful design and driving speed.

To know this very interesting story; Speed ​​until today, and we have the sports car giant Ferrari, which still maintains its reputation for beauty and speed.

The fastest Ferrari sports car so far is the Ferrari ENZO designed by Pininfarina in 2002. The new speed developed by Ferrari ENZO is based on the fact that every aspect of the design of this model serves a specific speed or aerodynamic function.

Ferrari ENZO is a testimony to its participation in Formula 1 and prevails both on the racetrack and on the exotic and fast sports car lists. First, the slender and pointed front has been designed to relieve airflow and cool the brakes and engine during a race. The entire body shape should produce effective aerodynamics and reduce air resistance.

Starting with Ferrari ENZO, the option for buyers is to tailor the Ferrari cockpit to best suit their tastes and needs.

Enzo Ferrari built an empire based on the statement of beauty and speed. With the continued patronage of these two values ​​over the years, you can expect Ferrari to continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

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