A quick reference to statistics would tell right away that motorcycles are not exactly among the considered safest mode of transportation. However, there are simply some adventurous individuals who are persistently attracted to the speed and power of riding a muscled motorcycle and the fact that it definitely adds up to that macho image that every man is valiantly trying to project.

While helmets are strictly required to protect the rider’s head from possible injuries, it doesn’t extend its protection to the eyes. Clarity in vision plays a critical role in enhancing the person’s quick reflexes and deftly avoiding accidents and obstructions that can sometimes prove fatal. Having established such, motorcycle sunglasses are a must in ensuring road safety. Of course, the dust and debris are some of the notorious hazards that you consistently have to contend with, which makes motorcycle eyewear highly imperative.

Most people these days chose their sunglasses according to the dictates of fashion, whoever if you are constantly on the road you definitely need to concentrate more on you motorcycle eyewear features and function more than anything else. Such product specification would lead you to choose among the performance sunglasses that provide unparalleled eye protection and extreme comfort. Among the world famous designer brand manufacturers are Arnette, Bolle, Harley Davison ad Wiley X. The great new is, these manufactures have launched extensive research to come up with designs that would exceptionally combine form and function, so you are sure to enjoy the finest of both worlds.

Polarized lenses are also a highly recommended alternative and are in fact the highly preferred lens type among many bikers and extreme sports athlete. If you have experience driving on a hot summer day, you probably have an idea how the sun’s glare can be quite notorious in hampering your vision. This is because flat surfaces such as roads and pavements have reflective surfaces that generally bounce back the sun’s glare making it increasingly difficult to enjoying vision acuity. A polarized lens effectively forces the scattered light waves to move in single direction, and thus making it easier to see all objects when driving. When it comes to the frame materials, the popular choice are plastic and acetate since they are known to provide more ease in putting of removing the sunglasses off. However, you need to make sure that the frames offer a snug and firm grip-fit that can effectively stay in place even during the most rigorous riding.

Prescription motorcycle sunglasses are also available for individuals who have less than perfect eyesight and are actually highly recommended when driving at night for clearer vision. Most of the sunglasses that are specifically designed for motorcycle users would cost around $ 50 – $ 200, depending on the features and the materials used. Of course if you would go of the popular brands, it would naturally fetch a higher pore tag than most. But it is all generally considered a sound choice considering the fact that you are indirectly investing for your safety. Riding on the fast speed would generally require the best choice of eyewear available to ensure safety. If you cant live with the idea of giving up your bike, then at least be properly equipped to avoid accidents.

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