Sea Striker

Sea Striker

Sea Striker Sunglasses are specially designed for fishing, sea sports and outdoor sports. Sea Striker Sun glasses are best sunglasses which can eradicate glare, impairs your idea and strains your eyes. These glasses also block dangerous ultraviolet rays that can eternally spoil your eyes they are not just for fishing! Sea Striker EyeWear has polarizing lenses with a unique seven-layer. Due to polarized sunglasses clarity, durability and comfort is possible. All provide 100% UV protection and come in a range of lens colors and frames to match your specific style.

Model of Sea Striker Eye glasses and Sunglasses
Go through these UV protective sunglasses that provide safety against harmful rays and make an outstanding statement of your personality.

Sea Striker Skipper Polarized Sunglasses – These glasses has wraparound black frames and polarized lenses. Its lens available in different color as Blue Mirror, Nuvo Mirror, Silver Mirror.

Sea Striker Vortex Polarized Sunglasses – These glasses have sporty black half-frames which are very light weight and unconstrained visibility. It has polarized lenses with Gray, Blue, and Nuvo Mirror.

Sea Striker Atlantis Polarized Sunglasses – These have anti-slip silicone pads at the nose and temple for grip. The color of lens has Blue Mirror, and Nuvo Mirror.

Sea Striker sunglasses Wave runner 245 – These are made up of seven functional fundamentals, particularly bonded together, for better durability, safety and comfort.

Sea Striker Gulfstream Polarized Sunglasses – These glasses have Polaroid PolaPlus lenses. The frame of these glasses has the TR-90 plastic eye-shaped wrap for more protection. These are available with metal hinges and temple tips for grip.



Sea Striker Sunglasses is a world leader in optics and lens technology. The material used in these sunglasses is unique and of highest quality to provide you better protection, more relieve, and higher product satisfaction. Sea Striker Replica Sun glasses and Cheap Sea Striker Eyeglasses also have polarized lenses for more protection but they have not of authentic brand these are the copy of original brand. In other words you can say that Sea Striker Replica Sunglasses are the best sunglasses to provide a luxurious look with cheap rates.

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